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Where Is The Manufacturer Of Professional Chef Knife Set?

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    Published by November 05,2020

    Now a growing number of foreigners have known the important use of best kitchen knife set.

    The knife and scissors hardware industry in yangjiang, Guangdong province has a long history of more than one thousand years and occupies an important position in China.

    It is also awarded the title of "capital of knife and scissors in China", "export base of Chinese hardware products (knife and scissors tools)" and "industrial base of knife and scissors in China" by a national authority.

    Currently, Yangjiang initially formed from the knife cut machinery manufacturing, parts processing, mold manufacturing, heat treatment, plating, stainless steel strip steel smelting, packaging to the science and technology research and development, business information, logistics industry chain, technology innovation.


    Up to now, Yangjiang knife and shear enterprises have reached more than 1500, becoming an important pillar and advantageous industry of Yangjiang industry.


    After years of continuous development and progress, yangjiang knife and scissors have become a collection of best kitchen knife set, professional chef knife set, scissors, multi-purpose pliers and special steel, plastic, electroplating, mechanical equipment production hardware knife and scissors industry.

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