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Follow-Up Of How To Clean And Maintain The Kitchen Knife Set


Published by May 25,2021

The follow-up of "How To Clean And Maintain The Stainless Steel Knife Set'' and it also suitable for the kitchen knife set.


3. Lubricate the rotating shaft. The last is to ensure that the next time you can use the tool to expand the step is the lubricating oil;

In principle, the lubricating oil used for precision machinery is more suitable, and the most common wd-40 derusting water on the market can also be used. When oiling avoids too much.

If being infected with the word that does not rotate the part of the shaft must wipe it clean, when which day you use the kitchen knife set to cutting.

kitchen knife set

kitchen knife set



-Be sure to check your kitchen knife set again before you engage in outdoor activities OR home use.

-If the knives are rusty due to improper maintenance, the grinding toolset can be used for rescue maintenance.

-The first principle that cleaning the kitchen knife set must follow is patience and slow operation. If you operate too fast or clean too often, you may damage the knives to reducing its value.

kitchen knife set

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