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How To Keep The Good Quality Kitchen Knives?

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    Published by November 05,2020

    The last article, we talk about "How To Easily Use The Best sharpening Steel"

    Today, we will keep recommending the last two easy kitchen tools to help you keep the good quality kitchen knives in good conditions.


    C. Old newspapers

    Open the black ink page of the newspaper, the kitchen knife from the end to the tip of the knife back and forth several times, it can keep the good quality kitchen knife become bright and sharp.

    good quality kitchen knives

    In addition to old newspapers printed with black ink paper also has the same function, because the graphite in black ink sharpens the knife.

    Kindly reminder:  Remember to rinse the knife after grinding.

    good quality kitchen knives


    D. Grindstone

    Firstly sharpen the blade inside, so that the kitchen knife and grindstone are 3°~5° Angle (the smaller the Angle, the less effort cutting), back and forth grinding the knife, keep this Angle unchanged.

    Sharpening the knife along the blade direction, from the mechanical point of view called shun stubble (knife surface and grindstone is 90 degrees), there is no resistance to cut vegetables.

    good quality kitchen knives

    Grind the external blade surface again, so that the Angle between the kitchen knife and the grindstone is 5°~8°. The external blade surface ensures that the cut dishes can be separated from the kitchen knife smoothly, but it should not be too large.


    We recommend buying a knife rod at home to keep the good quality kitchen knives in better cutting blade.

    Suitable for steel: 3cr13/4cr14/5cr15 / DIN1.4116

    good quality kitchen knives


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