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Where To Buy Good Kitchen Knives

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    Published by November 05,2020


    There are more than 3000 enterprises and individual businesses related to metal good kitchen knives and scissors and more than 3500 kinds of knife and scissors products, with an annual output value of more than 50 billion rmb¥ in the Yangjiang city. It included our DKS group.

    good kitchen knives


    The main material selection is composite stainless steel, 8Cr13MoV, 7Cr17Mo special steel, 3Cr13, 4Cr13Mo, 5Ccr13MoV stainless steel, special antibacterial corrosion resistance, high hardness of high alloy steel and other steel developed by Yangjiang, Guangdong, China.


    As martensite of 3Cr13, 4Cr13 stainless steel, the main characteristics are: high carbon content, good hardenability, general oil quenching or air cooling can be martensite structure, is the highest mechanical performance of the best cutting performance of stainless steel group.

    where to buy good kitchen knives

    In recent years, the development of 7Cr17Mo (7 chromium 17 molybdenum), 8Cr13MoV (8 chromium 13 molybdenum vanadium) special steel, hardness, toughness than 3Cr13 material mechanical comprehensive performance is better, what is the best domestic stainless steel cutting knives, hardness up to 58 (HRC) above, sharp and durable.


    There are a lot of people who come to yangjiang to travel and buy one or two sets of good kitchen knives in yangjiang as home use, but also a good choice as a gift to a friend.

    good kitchen knives

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