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The Basic Requirements For A Custom Chef Knives

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    Published by November 05,2020

    The basic requirements for a custom chef knives:

    (     1) Handle design, comfortable to use, non-slip, solid body.

    2) The material of the custom chef knives should be good, the hardness should reach the standard, the hardness should be above 54 degrees.

    (     3) a. The handle and blade of custom chef knives must be in a straight line and symmetrical.

              b. The blade is sharp. The geometric angle of the blade should be different according to different functions.

                  The blade angle should be small, but there must be a clear blade.

    4) There should be no throwing and grinding of coarse silk and black silk on the custom chef knives body, and the area of pitting points should not exceed 0.5 per square millimeter, and the pitting points should not exceed 3.

    Custom chef knives selection common sense:

    (      1) Check whether the two sides of the cutter are smooth and clean, and there is no forging indentation.

    (      2) Check whether the thickness of the blade is averag, the exposed steel is moderate, the blade mouth is straight and not curved,

               look straight at the edge of a black line, no "white edge".

    3) Blade back, blade head and blade heel are ground smoothly, "no black showing", no burr.

    4) The handle is straight and firm, and the hoop is not loose.

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