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How To Easily Use The Best sharpening Steel

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    Published by November 05,2020

    No matter how to cherish if we bought a good knife, it will need to polish in one day.

    It's usually done by the men in the family, but many single women who cook their meals also need to sharpen their knives.

    Today, we will recommend some tips on how to sharpen the knives with easy way.


    A. Best Sharpening Steel

    Now many kitchen knives set with a best sharpening steel, it is very easy to use it.

    Hold the handle firmly, and make the knife face and grinding stick at an angle of about 20°.

    best sharpening steel

    Instead of holding it face to face, you can hold it vertically like the picture below so you don't worry about hurting your hands.

    best sharpening steel


    B. Abrasive paper 

    Use sandpaper to wrap a cylindrical object, such as a rolling pin, as a temporary sharpening rod. Let the kitchen knife and sharpening knife stick 20° Angle, double side repeatedly grinding up.

    best sharpening steel


    You can also directly send the paper to the edge of the table, table or cutting board, knife at an angle of 20 degrees, maintain a steady grinding force.

    best sharpening steel

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