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Special Meeting From Kitchen Knife Companies China


Published by May 25,2021

"Coronavirus May Affect All Countries." Said by WHO.

The outbreak is getting bigger, it cases have been confirmed in almost 60 countries.
More than a health crisis also became an economic crisis.
We are wholesale kitchen suppliers who have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing.
The world's financial markets lost $5 trillion this week, this will have wide global implications.


In China, the outbreak was effectively controlled after the strict implementation of hand hygiene practice and environmental disinfection.

In the meantime, as the manufacturing industry of the kitchen knife companies and kitchenware manufacturer. We will make some actions to meet the challenge during the outbreak.

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We do not discriminate against customers in any affected country and do our best to help all our valuable clients.
And please kindly remember people could protect themselves and others by doing one simple thing: washing their hands.


All bad things will be pass and the beautiful spring will be going soon.

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